Welcome on board!

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!

This post will be sort of an introductory one, just so you know who I am and what kind of content you’ll be finding here!

My name is Halima Mohamed Ali. I was born to a Finnish mother and an Egyptian father in Helsinki, Finland. I’m now 22 years old and currently live in Cairo, Egypt.

I have been married to an Egyptian man since 2015 and I’m also a mom of a one-year-old boy, Yunus. At the time, I study English literature at Cairo University as a last/fourth year student.

Basically this blog will be diary-type one in which I share my experiences as a hybrid/mixed person (as the title of the blog suggests!J) away from the place I was born in. You might find posts about the challenges that Egypt as a country poses, navigating the cultural differences, studying whilst being a mother and also about managing the responsibilities that being married in the midst of all of this creates.

Okay, so let’s begin the journey!



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