Sleep, o glorious sleep!

Have you ever been jealous of a cat? I have. In fact, this very morning when I saw Elsa (my cat) I felt extremely jealous of her. She does basically nothing other than sleep day and night.

Oh how I miss sleep. Long weekend mornings, uninterrupted 7 hours of sleep, you are missed dearly. These were my thoughts at 8 am, Friday morning when my son decided that he’d had enough, stood up in bed and started shouting at me demanding to get out, up and about the house.

They say you never appreciate a blessing until you lose it. True. “Waking up a couple of times a night, how bad can it be?” I told myself before Yunus arrived. Oh yes, it can be bad… A friend once described a new mother as being in constant “zombie-mode”. How true.

In the morning (if you don’t give up already at 4 am and get up) you see everything through fog. Sleep deprivation can change attitude, perspective on life events, appetite (you eat much more or much less) and of course mood.

You also become best friends with Silence. Silence is beautiful, it makes your baby sleep. It doesn’t wake him up. Silence is the best. So that’s why when a truck, or a hundred of them, pass by under your house trumpeting their unbelievably loud honks for no obvious reason (it’s 3 am, there’s no traffic!) you can get super super angry. After all, you’ve only been trying to put him back to bed for an hour or so. But what’s an hour, let’s do another!

Those first few months are definitely a time in which I urge moms to ask for help, whether from your partner or other family members. As a new mom you might be so excited/overly worried about your baby that you refuse to let anyone else take over in order to get some shut-eye. Big mistake! You’ll have plenty of time to spend with your new child later on (that is, in the morning). My tip is to convince yourself that you’ll have more energy and be happier if you get some rest. This was a mistake I did very often in the beginning. “I can do it.” I said when offered help. Well, yes, you can, but you don’t HAVE to every night.

Of course things are different now that Yunus is a one year old. It’s easier for him to sleep several hours in a row, the whole night even if he feels so. The problem now is more with teething and the pain that it creates. It makes him nervous and agitated. And since he’s super sensitive with sounds, me getting up to drink in the middle of the night is enough for him to wake up. That’s why my newly acquired ninja-skills have been of good use: know the spots on the floor that don’t creak and open the door with a certain speed, but only so much that you can barely make it out, otherwise the door hinges will squeak! Me and my husband have also learned to lip-read in order to communicate in Yunus’ proximity without making a sound. How cool, though!

Like wise people often say, some blessings come in disguise. Maybe some day I will appreciate all the things that I’ve had to learn in order to make him sleep. Maybe some day I will even appreciate the nights that I myself didn’t sleep. Who knows. (3)
All up and ready to explore the world!

But this morning it’ll just be me, my enormous coffee cup and this adorable bed-head! And we’ll remember to smile too. (5)

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


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