A day in my life: 2nd edition

Welcome to a day in my life again!

It’s been a while since I posted my first a day in my life post. And it wasn’t that realistic either because I wasn’t staying at home (you can find it here). So here comes the real stuff then! It is about yesterday, Monday the 18th of March.


Usually all of us wake up around 5.30 am to pray the morning prayer and Yunus often gets up with us. We then stay up and start preparing for the day. Today, both me and Yunus woke up a little late (yesterday was exhausting), around 6.30.

Strawberries, banana and date "pie" for breakfast
Strawberries, banana and date “pie” for breakfast.

We almost immediately make our way to the feeding chair and kitchen because he wakes up super hungry. While he sits munching breakfast away, I usually either prepare our bags for both nursery and school or then grab a quick bite myself as well. This time around I prepared the bags and his outfit for the day first and allowed him some screen time afterwards in order to get dressed as well. Yunus gets very nervous when he sees me moving fast around the house so the TV keeps his attention somewhere else.

Getting ready.
Getting ready.

When I’m all dressed and prepared, I change his diaper and clothes as well. By that time on Mondays, it’s usually 7.30. I order Uber by 7.45, we say a quick bye bye to daddy and we’re out of the house.

The Uber rides to the nursery aren’t that much fun, because I ride without a car seat, which naturally allows Yunus to climb around the car (super unsafe, I have to figure this out somehow). I often try and get him some distractions, like giving him my phone or offering snacks like corn flakes to munch on.

Usually, this is how our rides look like…

By the time we get to the nursery, it’s​ about 8.30-45. Yunus hasn’t gotten used to the place quite yet, so today before we even entered through the gates, he started whining quietly and clutching my clothes. I tried putting him to the ground before entering and talking calmly. After a few minutes, he agreed to enter the nursery while holding my hand. The ladies at the nursery distracted him with breakfast but I could still hear him crying when I left so I stopped by the gates to listen how long it would take him to calm down. Luckily today it took about a minute only, so I left feeling better about it.

Since we arrived earlier than usual today, I decided to take a little stroll close to the nursery. My lecture wouldn’t start before 10 so I felt like a little walk and treat at Starbucks was not a bad idea. Mondays are the only days in which I have a little extra time. I leave home early to not get stuck in the 8-9 am traffic and that leaves me with about 35 extra minutes (yey!).

Today, this mom opted for a close-by Starbucks.

At 9.30 I decided to start moving towards college. Although the distance is only about 5 km, you have to take you precautions when it comes to traffic in Cairo.

From 10-2, I attended two lectures in a row. There isn’t much to tell about either. I spent the last hour searching Mr. Google for an innovative recipe for canned tuna aka something fast and easy for dinner.

Mr. Google, Mr. Google, what should we eat?

After the classes, I prayed the noon prayer before heading back towards the nursery. I was there around 2.40, picked Yunus up and started our journey back home.

3.15 pm – 5 pm can be summarized in one word: struggle. Arriving home, trying to change into something comfortable, giving a snack to Yunus, keeping him occupied while I prepare dinner was a mess today. Yunus was very whiny and needy and threw at least 2 tantrums during those two hours. The supermarket home delivery forgot a crucial item and Yunus crumbled his toast on the kitchen floor all the while keeping up the steady: “eeee eeee eeee”.

By the time food was cooked, I was over cooked. How on earth am I going to make it till 8 pm? I kept wondering.

We ate quite fast and Yunus threw another tantrum in his feeding chair because he didn’t like it. Ammar tried to cheer me up before having to leave for a late meeting at 6 pm. It partially worked and Yunus finally allowed me to do something while he played individually for a while.

I usually try to finish at least one task/thing a day out of the home chores and one from school stuff. I decided to ignore the dishes today (once again) and did some laundry folding and ironing (I obviously went for the easiest today).

Between 6.30 and 7.30 pm, I tried to calm things down a bit and gave Yunus some corn flakes to munch on while he was “reading” one of his books. Food items that he can quite “neatly” eat himself are life savers. Though he doesn’t appreciate me leaving the room while he eats, especially towards the end of the day when he’s tired, it gives me a 5-minute break of flicking through Facebook or Instagram.

When he was done, we went to “brush” his teeth in the toilet. Obviously it is more like Yunus sucking the orange-flavored toothpaste off the brush as if it’s a lollipop than actual brushing, but hey, practice makes perfect. It has become part of our night “routine” and it seems to help him go into the mood of sleep. Tonight he fell asleep quite fast in his bed with me reciting some short chapters from the Quran (something I’ve been doing since he was 5 months old).

I then headed straight out to the kitchen, pressed the button of the boiler and made a nice cup of berry-flavored tea to accompany me, my laptop, and material preparation for tomorrow’s comparative literature class.DSC_0399

Silence is underrated.

After opening my much missed laptop, I realized wifi was out and ended up flicking through Yunus’ old pictures. Ironic, isn’t it? By 9.30 pm I was too tired to keep my eyes open and decided to pray the night prayer and jump straight to bed. No shame in that. Tomorrow will be a long day anyway.

Thank you for joining me in my day!


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