Toddler Toy Favourites

If you’ve been reading my blog posts for a while, by now you probably have reached the conclusion that my son, Yunus, is quite an active child. He is only 20 months old, but moves like a rocket and has immense creativity in his daily missions of both playing and destruction.

For the past few months, me and Ammar have been immensely busy with him finishing up his master’s thesis and me trying to study for my last set of final exams. The month of Ramadan has made managing all this along with keeping Yunus content and entertained even harder, because by afternoon, both of us are drained out of energy.

This tiredness of ours led us into thinking whether it would be possible to find or create activities for him that would keep him entertained even for short periods of time. We decided to do some research on toys fitting for a toddler and did a little investment and got him some new things.

The toys we bought based on our research turned out to be a huge hit! Now, he spends good chunks of the day immersed in playing with his new toys. And the best part is, I think he is even learning new things through them.

I decided to do a little list or a review on some of our current favourites. All of these toys are absolutely genderless and can be interesting and fun for both toddler girls and boys.

These are in no specific order.

Plastic blocks/Duplos

These were an absolute hit. After some initial confusion on how to play with them and a little guidance from us, Yunus can spend a good 30 minutes building colorful block towers. These aren’t only just entertaining, they help the child harness their creativity and learn spatial relations skills, since they have to figure out how the blocks can fit into each other.

We got these from

Toy kettles and spatulas 

I can’t begin to describe how much he loves these. We take them along with us everywhere: shower, grandma’s place, on vacations… Yunus, just like many children his age, love “role-play” and this includes using toys and items that look like things from the actual world. He picks the kettles up, sets them on his nightstand and starts “cooking” his wooden blocks as if they are food. Toys like these kettles don’t restrict the child in how they can play with them and hence encourage creativity.

We got this set from IKEA. The authenticity of the materials makes them more interesting to kids.

Toddler-sized plastic car

In addition to playing with smaller items, toddlers naturally love to get moving. They love pushing things, collecting things inside something bigger and naturally, riding things that move!

Yunus loves his car. He got it for his 1st birthday from his grandparents, but didn’t really understand what to do with it until recently. However, instead of riding it, he pushes it around the house and tries to figure out new ways to fit it into tight corners and make sudden U-turns. Sometimes I find him collecting some of his tiny cars under the seat in order to move them somewhere else in the house.DSC_0011

Toys like these develop the child’s physical skills and motivate them to get moving.

Small vehicles: cars, trucks, trains 

Yunus’ absolute favourites are a set of small, wooden trains that attach into each other with a magnet. He tries to fit them together and roll them on the floor. Same applies to little plastic cars; he finds it super funny when we roll the cars fast and they hit a wall! A larger entertaining vehicle could be a plastic pull-along truck. We got one recently and he has enjoyed gathering things on it and then pulling it behind him. All of these encourage the child to get moving once again and also may be used by the toddler in their role-plays.




Let me know in the comments what were your baby’s favourite toys in this age. 🙂


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