About me

Welcome to my blog!

Before I let you go on and explore it, I will tell you a few things about myself. Perhaps then some of my writings will make more sense to you.

My name is Halima (fyi it’s a girl’s name). I will save you the pain of reading my full name, because it depends on whether you are asking someone in Finland or in Egypt. Yes, I am a double-citizen, legally and biologically. That is because my father is originally an Egyptian, born and raised in Cairo, but immigrated to Finland around 1993. There he married my Finnish mom and in 1996 there was me. I have quite a lot of siblings too. Before me, there came my big sis, Asma in 1995 and after me Safia, Fatima and my little brothers Ahmed and Ali.

I was born in Turku, but spent most of my life in Finland in the capital, Helsinki by the Baltic Sea.

I got engaged in high school (2013), and in 2015, after graduating, moved to Cairo and got married. I enrolled in Cairo University to study what had always been my passion, English language and literature. I graduated officially in September of 2019.

In 2017 me and Ammar (my husband) welcomed our first child, baby boy Yunus to our tiny family.

This blog basically revolves around our life as a hybrid family here in Egypt. I explore life in and outside of Cairo with my son and husband and discuss mostly things related to cultural differences and managing life in North-Africa and contrasting it to my birth country, Finland. However, you will probably find content about motherhood, university studies as well as my work as a grade 3 homeroom teacher, since they are currently such big parts of my life.

I am a book-consumer, and aspire to become a writer one day. So, I thought a blog might be a good start.

You’re welcome to join my journey, wherever life may take me next!

P.s. I answer all questions, so don’t be shy.

Much love,